Teaching Sexual Health

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Research shows that parent-child communication about sexual health can influence teen sexual behaviour. In fact, young people who receive health information about all the parts that make up sexuality tend to delay sexual activity and make safer choices.

As a parent, you may not feel comfortable or have the information you need to talk about sexual health with your child. You aren’t alone: many parents are anxious about having “those talks”.

We’re here to help.

Alberta Health Services’ Teaching Sexual Health website www.teachingsexualhealth.ca, provides you with information, tools and supports to help you talk with your child about sexual health, before and during the teen years. The website covers a wide range of sexual health topics relevant to parents of children from birth to 18 years old like hygiene, values, healthy relationships, sexuality and consent.

Visit www.teachingsexualhealth.ca today to help you get ready for the ongoing talks you’ll have with your child about sexual health.