Get to Know the Green Line


With main construction of the Green Line LRT kicking off later in 2024, we know Calgarians are overwhelmingly supportive of the project, but they have some questions. Which is great, as we have answers! Calgarians want to understand what we are building. Where exactly will it go? How long will construction take? How much will it cost? And what do we get for this level of investment?

It’s time you got to know a bit more about us! The Green Line is a project for Calgarians, being delivered by Calgarians. Phase One of the Green Line will span 18 kilometres from Shepard Station at 130 Ave SE to Eau Claire at the north end of downtown. With 13 stations, it will provide connections to the Red and Blue LRT lines and three MAX rapid bus routes. But how much will it cost? Currently, Green Line has $5.5 billion in funding to complete Phase One, from The City, the province, and the federal government.

Main construction of tracks, stations, bridges, and tunnels will begin in 2024, and the project will take approximately six years to build. However, did you know that $400 million of early works construction is already completed or underway?

Phase One of the Green Line LRT is the largest infrastructure investment in our city’s history. Construction starts this year, and the benefits will last a lifetime. We want Calgarians to know all about the Green Line and encourage you to learn more at


  1. 5.5 billion in funding but what are the current estimates to completion? How much over the original budget is it? Who pays the overages, I know the taxpayers but what level of government is on the hook? Please reply


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