Where There’s Water, There IS a Risk

by the Calgary Fire Department


Calgary’s rivers, lakes and waterways can be a fun and refreshing way to spend a hot summer day. Your Calgary Fire Department wants to remind you about Water Safety.

Life Jacket Safety

Always wear a properly fitting life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD) when boating or rafting anywhere.

  • Check the PFD or jackets size and weight restrictions.
  • Start with the buckles and straps loose, do them up from the bottom of the jacket to the top. Make sure the jacket or PFD fits snugly.
  • Test the life jacket or PFD once you have done it up; hold your arms over your head and ask a friend to grab the tops of the arm openings and gently pull. Make sure there is no extra room above the arm openings and that the jacket does not ride up over your face or chin.

Swimming is a Lifesaving Skill

Water skills give you the confidence to safely take part in water sports throughout your life. The City offers swim lessons for all ages, throughout the year. We also offer First Aid and National Lifeguard certification classes.

Remember, always keep toddlers or young children within arm’s reach while in or around all bodies of water.

Before You Raft or Boat:

Always SCOUT, ASSESS and DECIDE from shore before going on rivers, lakes and waterways.

Scout the river for potential hazards and check the weather and water conditions.

Assess the level of danger. Check for river advisories and assess the swimming and paddling skills of your crew.

Decide if it is safe to raft or boat.

Ensure you have emergency supplies on board with you.

For further information visit calgary.ca/watersafety