Resident-Led Solutions

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vait_mcright / Pixabay

There are many ways that neighbours can come together to build a sense of community and find ways to solve neighbourhood issues. Here are five things to consider when residents come together to create solutions:

  1. Gathering Input from Residents

Residents that live in their neighbourhood should a say in the solution – they are the local experts!

  1. Residents Leading & Initiating

Residents should lead and initiative the solution, not an external group or program from outside the neighbourhood.

  1. Outcome Benefits for the Neighbourhood

The outcome of a resident-led solution should benefit the entire neighbourhood and residents.

  1. Opportunity to Participate

Create a solution where all residents have an opportunity to participate.Gathering Assets

Find local assets from the neighbourhood! Assets can be any source that can lead to helping find a solution, such as other community leaders, organizations, businesses, etc.

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