Safety First: Tobogganing and Sledding

suju / Pixabay

message from the Federation of Calgary Communities

Building Safe Communities Program

Winter is a great season to get outdoors, especially the thrill of tobogganing and/or sledding. Here are some helpful reminders if you decide to partake in this fun winter activity:

  1. Inspect your ride

Inspect all your equipment for any cracks or broken parts, this includes toboggan or sled, helmet and ensure that you can keep your equipment under control.

  1. Be cautious

Slide during the day time and in well-lit areas, be aware of potential hazards like holes, fences, trees and signs.

  1. Ready, Set, Slide

Ensure the path is clear, keep control and kneeling or sitting feet first face is the safest method to ride.

  1. Maintained hills

Did you know that the Parks and Bylaw prohibit toboggan or sledding downhill in a city-maintained park? However there are 20+ hills across the city that has been maintained for your safety. To find which hills are maintained for public use check the city website at