Summer Safety

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Free-Photos / Pixabay

Happy August, everyone!

With summer in full swing we hope you have been enjoying long days, warm sun and family holidays! If you are planning to hit the road with your pet here are a few simple tips to make the holidays run smoother.

  1. Never, ever, leave an animal in a car. Hot cars are dangerous for pets and people alike. On summer days, the temperature inside a parked vehicle begins to climb immediately and can reach dangerous levels in as little as 10-15 minutes. Even a few moments in a hot car can lead to heat stroke and even death. Cracking the windows or leaving water in the car is not enough to keep the heat manageable. If you know you will be stopping leave your pet at home or bring someone else along who can take your pet for a walk in the shade while you pick up what you need.
  2. Watch out for Fido at the BBQ! As with your kitchen at home, if you are cooking or carrying hot foods it pays to keep your pets out from under foot. In the case of social gatherings, ask your guests not to share food with your pets and to pick up any food that is dropped. Rich summer foods like ice cream, hamburgers, hotdogs and chips can cause digestive upset or even problems like pancreatitis in some pets.
  3. Think safety when it comes to social situations! Just like people not all pets are keen to be friends. When out for a walk, keep your dog on a leash and under control at all times. Avoid letting your dog greet other dogs without first asking the owner. When at a location like a dog park, pay attention to the body language of your dog and any other dogs in the area to watch for signs of stress or conflict. Unsure about what to look for? Check out our free animal training resources at
  4. Travelling? Plan ahead! Summer road trips can be fun for both pets and people, but they do require some advance planning. Before hitting the road, visit your vet to update any necessary vaccines or health certificates and ensure your pet’s microchip/tattoo information in up to date. Load your pet’s information, including a photo or two onto your smart phone just in case your pet gets lost. When you are packing include extra food and medication for your pet in case you are delayed in getting home. Finally, the safest place for your pet in a vehicle will be in a crate or restrained by a seatbelt harness. Bringing your pet’s bed or some favorite toys will provide comfort for the ride.

Do you have more questions about summer safety and your pet? Curious about some behaviour you saw at the dog park? Want to find out more about adopting a new family member? Check out our website at for information and resources!