News from the Friends of Nose Hill – July 2023


Guided Plant and Herb Walk

A guided plant and herb walk on Nose Hill taught attendees about local landscape and ecology (living things and habitat). The group identified plants, whether edible or poisonous ones, as well as invasive plants (weeds) and native species.

There is much interest in traditional medicine and modern uses. Agrology deals with the natural, economic, and social sciences related to environmental protection. The walk leader, as a member of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists, has studied the application of science to agriculture. It is important to understand that Calgary’s Parks & Pathways Bylaw prohibits foraging as part of these events.

City Nature Challenge 2023

Here are the results for the City Nature Challenge 2023! Across Canada, 43 cities were in this year’s challenge. Calgary was first for observers, with 9,185 who reported 775 species. Calgary came in fourth for 347 observations. Globally, there were 482 cities, with 66,394 participants who reported 57, 227 species, including 2,570 rare, endangered, or threatened ones.

World Migratory Bird Day

Light pollution remains a threat to migrating birds. To raise awareness in Canada, World Migratory Bird Day was on the second Saturday in May and, in South America, will be on the second Saturday in October.