City Hall Remains a Busy Place this Autumn


November is upon us, and it already feels like winter is here. Cold weather aside, City Hall remains a busy place this autumn. A number of the biggest items on the Council agenda will reach a resolution this month. Here are a few things to look forward to this month:

Olympic Plebiscite

Should Calgary move forward on an Olympic bid or not? The question is being turned over to Calgarians. The plebiscite vote will be on November 13th with advance vote opportunities on November 6th and 7th. For my part, I am committed to respecting the outcome of the plebiscite. It is my hope that this process remains a constructive debate and that collectively we can move forward with whichever decision is rendered. You can find more details on where to vote at

One Calgary Budget

In late November Council will deliberate the 2019-2022 budget. Over the last number of months there have been numerous events for Calgarians to participate in this discussion. Council has also had an opportunity to establish a set of priorities and provide feedback to Administration ahead of the budget discussion. Throughout the deliberations the public will have an opportunity to address Council and speak to what they feel is important. You can keep up to date on the entire budget process at

MAX Rapid Service Launch

MAX is a new rapid transit service that will provide more direct and efficient connections for customers. The new service will start on November 19, 2018. The first routes to go live will be MAX Purple (17th Avenue SE), MAX Orange (North Crosstown), and MAX Teal (South Crosstown).

MAX Teal will provide significant benefits to Ward 12 residents. The service will run from Douglasglen to Westbrook Mall with connections to Heritage LRT Station, Rockyview Hospital, and Mount Royal University.

A number of local routes have been adjusted with the launch of the new service. You can find more details on the route changes and the MAX service at