Residential Speed Limits, the City’s Budget, Olympic Plebiscite


Hello, Ward 14 column readers!

I hope you got lots of candy for Halloween. The leaves are almost gone, and here are some recurring topics that I want to touch on this month.

Residential Speed Limits

Well, this is technically not recurring yet… It will be. Council passed the reduction of the residential speed limit, in principle. The end result—and what it will look like in practice—is still very much up for debate. I will give you the details of this situation at

Setting the City’s Budget

I have been mentioning this for several months, but it will finally be coming to a conclusion in the last week of November. The public is invited to attend and provide input to Council. Visit and click “Give feedback” for more details and visit to read my elaboration on the topic.

Mark Your Calendars! – Olympic Plebiscite

As you are likely aware, Calgary is exploring a potential Olympic bid. You have probably also heard that a plebiscite is going to be a major part of the decision-making process. I implore you to cast your vote on November 13. There is advanced polling on November 6, and 7 too. You can find more information at For my stance, and a description of what is going on, please visit

Green Bin – Seasonal Changes

Everyone should now be accustomed to their green bins. Based on experiences so far, it definitely makes sense to go to a seasonal approach. Bi-weekly green cart pick-up will start in November. For more about it, go to

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-Councillor Peter Demong