February – Councillor Peter Demong’s Report


Hello Ward 14!

February is the month where I really find the rhythm of the new year. Schedules have been jumbled, there are new faces around the table, and then the chaos of the holidays. It is good to have things settling down and feeling normal again.

Counciltalk is back for another term!

Getting back in the Counciltalk routine is something I am happy to do. These often imitated, roundtable sessions keep me in touch with Ward 14

I am just sorting out the details for the first session as I write this column, and I know that some people in the new communities I represent will be curious about what exactly Counciltalk is. I will tell you more about Counciltalk, and where to look for upcoming sessions on my website at calgary.ca/ward14newsletter. Check there soon though. The first one will be in EARLY February.

Useful Mobile Apps

I am the first to admit that I am not computer, tablet, or even smartphone savvy, but I do know just how useful they can be. The City has developed many time saving mobiles apps. I know that my beautiful wife, and my office staff members are fans of the garbage collection app, and the Calgary Transit app in particular. Visit calgary.ca/ward14newsletter, where I talk more about mobile apps in my full column.

Have Your Say About Parks and Pathways

The rules that govern parks and pathways in Calgary have not been updated for nearly 15 years. With things like segways, and drones becoming popular, it is time to review those rules, and the City is looking for your opinion. Visit calgary.ca/ward14newsletter for more about how you can give your input.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about these, or any other City-related topics. Until next month.

– Councillor Peter Demong