Calgary Economic Development, Bow Trail Widening, and Neighbour Day


Hello, Ward 6!

What we’ve done

Calgary Economic Development (CED) has officially launched the $100M “Opportunity Calgary Innovation Fund”, which is aimed at jump starting our economy. I am very fortunate to be the City Council representative on CED’s board of directors. The board is actively working to bring innovation and prosperity back to Calgary. For more information on Calgary Economic Development, visit:

The widening of Bow Trail between 85th Street and Old Banff Coach Road continues. The road work is proceeding, with most of the project being completed by the end of this year. Final touchups and landscaping are scheduled for next year. Thank you for your patience as we complete this project!

What we’re doing

As I’ve mentioned in my previous newsletters, transportation remains a top concern for me. The Ward 6 Office conducted a road tour with the General Manager of Transportation, Michael Thompson, and showed him firsthand the problem areas in our Ward. With this information, the Transportation department will make improvements to our road network.

Get Ready for Neighbour Day!

This year, Calgary will celebrate its fifth annual Neighbour Day on June 16, and anyone can plan an event! Reach out to your neighbours and host a block party on your street, share a picnic potluck or afternoon tea in the park, or hold a street chalk drawing competition. Also, check with your Community Association to see if they are hosting a Neighbour Day event! Whatever you do, be sure to invite The Mayor, me, the Calgary Fire Department and Calgary Police Service—we’d love to join you!

For more information, visit or call 3-1-1

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