January – MLA Kathleen Ganley’s Report

Calgary Buffalo

In with the New!

Happy New Year to all! I anticipate an exciting 2018, as during the fall sitting, our government introduced important legislation which will make Albertans’ lives better.

In July of this year, the federal government will legalize the consumption of cannabis, and provincial governments will oversee implementation. My colleagues at the Ministry of Justice and I have been busy the last few months formulating an Alberta framework for legalized cannabis, which will protect children, prioritize health and safety, and limit the illegal market.

Many Albertans provided feedback through various channels, and on this basis, our government has determined that 18 will be the minimum legal age for the purchase and consumption of cannabis. Cannabis will be sold by private retailers, much like the sale of liquor. On-line sales will be directly managed by the provincial government so that consumers are guaranteed a legal, quality product.

A great deal of thought and deliberation continues to go into the particulars of how this change will be enacted, including regulating cannabis consumption from a health and safety perspective, to matters of enforcement. To follow how this legislation is evolving, please visit alberta.ca/cannabis-legalization.

I care deeply about the LGBTQ+ community and fully supported our government’s recent amendments to the School Act, which clarify authority roles and responsibilities around gay-straight alliances. This legislation ensures that students can form and join GSAs without fear of being outed. This legislation is a great step in ensuring that students are the ones who decide when and how to have personal and important conversations with their parents and loved ones. These amendments, which will come into effect on April 1, support students in every publicly-funded school in Alberta who wish to create or join GSAs by ensuring that a clear policy governs them.

If you have questions or feedback, please contact my constituency office: [email protected]