Alberta Energy Industry

Calgary Lougheed Jason Kenny

At the end of January, the BC government announced that they would be restricting the transportation of oilsands crude by pipeline and rail. This constitutes a full-frontal attack on Alberta’s economy and in so doing is violating the law and our Constitution, the Economic Union of Canada. In July, when the B.C. NDP came into office I said that if they did something like this Alberta should make it clear that there will be consequences. That we will retaliate. That we need to respond, not just with words, but with concrete actions. Specifically, I said that we should look at boycotting B.C. hydroelectricity. That we should consider imposing tolls on B.C. natural gas flowing through Alberta toll free to US markets. That we should consider, ultimately, replicating what Peter Lougheed did in the early 1980s by refusing to permit the shipment of oil from the current Kinder Morgan pipeline that fuels much of the B.C. economy. When I called for Alberta to have a fight back strategy, the Premier openly disagreed. Today, I am glad to see the Premier has had a change of heart and may be considering action. But it’s still too early.

Sworn In

At the end of January, I had the privilege of being sworn in as your MLA for the constituency of Calgary- Lougheed.

I look forward to holding this government to account when the Legislature resumes on March 8, 2018. My commitment to Albertans is to offer an Official Opposition that raises the level of decorum in the Legislature. While there will be clash and disagreement in the Legislature, your Official Opposition will hold itself to the highest of standards.

I welcome input from the constituents of Calgary-Lougheed as I join the Legislature as your MLA, please feel free to contact me through my Constituency Office, 311A, 2525 Woodview Dr. SW, [email protected] or by calling 403-238-1212.