Carbon Tax, Fiscal Update, Fighting Crime

Calgary Lougheed Jason Kenny

In addition to serving as Leader of the Official Opposition, I am proud to represent the good people of Calgary-Lougheed in the Alberta Legislature. Here are some recent highlights:

Carbon tax? No thank you

The campaign against a national carbon tax is picking up steam across Canada. The Provinces of Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island have all officially joined the fight. Newfoundland and Labrador has yet to legislate a carbon tax, Manitoba refuses to implement the tax as mandated by Ottawa, and New Brunswick is reserving the right to rescind the tax.

This means Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Club is down to four Premiers, including Quebec, B.C., Nova Scotia, and Alberta. I have made it clear that a United Conservative government’s first order of business will be to introduce the Carbon Tax Repeal Act.

Fiscal update

Last year, according to the Government of Alberta’s year-end financial statement, the NDP ran a staggering $8 billion deficit. This year, taxpayers will spend nearly $2 billion on interest payments to service that debt. The question is; what should we do about it?

The common sense approach is to control government spending, while at the same time taking steps to encourage private sector investment in our economy. As the economy grows, the deficit is eliminated.

The NDP has been doing the exact opposite. Since taking office, the NDP has increased spending by 16 per cent and their financial plan calls for a 35 per cent increase in spending by 2023. At this rate, government debt is poised to hit $96 billion, at which point taxpayers will spend more than $3.8 billion each year on interest.

The bottom line: this approach is not sustainable. To build a brighter future for our province, we need to get our fiscal house in order and a United Conservative government will do just that.

Fighting crime

In recent years, the rise in rural crime rates has been well documented. Here is why you should care: rural crime is not strictly a rural issue; it is a public safety issue for all Albertans. Repeat offenders linked to organized crime, operating out of major urban centres are committing the majority of these acts. The proceeds of crime are funding illicit drugs, illegal guns, and associated crime across our province. The measures previously announced by Alberta’s government couldn’t even begin to change the status quo.

Our Official Opposition has worked diligently to put this issue on the government’s radar. Several weeks ago, we released a report outlining 32 specific recommendations to fight crime, including common sense measures to improve police response times, alleviate court delays, crack down on repeat offenders, and help protect private property. You can find a link to our report at:



MLA Jason Kenney, Calgary Lougheed

Official Opposition Leader