Legislature Conduct

Calgary West

As I write this article, our new leader Jason Kenney has spent a few weeks in the Alberta Legislature. It has been a wonderful experience to see our caucus united behind our new leader. It also has given all of us as MLAs the opportunity to establish a few new practices within the legislature.

One thing you’ll be seeing less of is the background noise at the legislature. Our caucus has decided that the applause, cheering and desk thumping that would greet our past leader will not continue under Mr. Kenney. We also have decided to curtail the unnecessary heckling of members on the other side. Now, I don’t promise that we will all be perfect each and every day on this matter, but we are all committed to moving forward on this new direction. If you every tune into the legislature, I am sure you’ll appreciate being better able to hear the questions being asked.

As you know, should a UCP government be elected in 2019, our first act will be to repeal the carbon tax. We believe that the carbon tax, which is essentially a tax on consumption (similar to a sales tax) violates at very least the spirit of the Alberta Taxpayer Protection Act (2002) which requires that a referendum be held if a consumption-based tax be introduced.

My next letter to you will be about Alberta’s budget—I look forward to reviewing what the NDP has in mind for Alberta’s future and acknowledging the positive points, but also vigorously opposing the negative points as well.

Mike Ellis, MLA