Budget, School Visit, Keeping In Touch

Calgary Hays


On March 22nd, the NDP government released its budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Highlighted by an astounding $54.26 billion debt figure that is projected to reach $96 billion by 2024 (roughly $23,600 for every man, woman, and child in the province), NDP Finance Minister Joe Ceci also announced that the government will run an additional $8.8 billion deficit over the upcoming year. This year, Albertans will pay more than $1.9 billion in interest payments alone, enough money to fund the construction of over 95 new schools in the province. This incredible waste of taxpayer dollars is completely unacceptable.

With Premier Notley’s carbon tax having increased by 50 per cent in January, the NDP has also revealed that future revenue generated by the tax will no longer be exclusively redistributed back to Albertans in the form of rebates but will instead enter into the general revenue stream. Simply put, the NDP promise of using the carbon tax for environmental efforts has been broken and Albertans have yet to see any benefit in terms of our “social license” in building new pipelines.

Our UCP caucus will continue to hold the government to account for its gross fiscal mismanagement.

School Visit

I had the pleasure of visiting with grade six students at Blessed Cardinal Newman School in McKenzie Lake last month. The students were well prepared to pepper me with questions and thoughtful insights. I must confess that visiting classrooms is my favorite part of my job. Thank you to the students and teachers for allowing me to visit your school.

Keeping in Touch

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