February – MP Kent Hehr’s Report

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Supporting our Veterans: Pension for Life

Canadian Armed Forces members and Veterans want to know our government has their back if they become ill or injured as a result of their service.

In December, we announced our plan for a Pension for Life to provide better support for ill and injured Veterans. It includes:

·         Tax-free financial compensation, with the choice of monthly payments for life, to recognize pain and suffering caused by a service-related disability.

·         Income replacement for Veterans experiencing barriers returning to work, at 90% of their pre-release salary.

·         Services and benefits to help Veterans with education, employment, and physical and mental health.

For example, a 25-year-old Veteran who is 100% disabled would see his/her monthly support increase from $4,150 to $5,890. For a 50-year-old who is 100% disabled, his/her monthly support would be almost $9,000 (compared to $7,270 in 2015).

Veterans’ Education and Training benefit

In 2017 I was honoured to create the Veterans’ Education and Training benefit. It will provide funding for tuition, books and living expenses to the tune of up to $80,000. I also reopened the last of the nine Veterans Affairs Canada offices closed by the previous government and hired hundreds of staff to better support Veterans.

Added to this was the expansion of the pilot to open access to the Military Family Resource Centre, and unveiling a new Centre of Excellence in Veterans’ care.

Unlike the previous Conservative government who closed offices and cut back service, we have already invested $6 billion in supports and services for Veterans and their families. Now with Pension for Life, we are going a step further to provide financial security and help Veterans transition to a civilian life with meaning and purpose.


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