December – MP Len Webber’s Report

Calgary Confederation e

I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank each and every one for your support. This past year seems to have gone by so quickly. It has been busy and full, with each of us in our own way having faced challenge, opportunity and change. It is by your actions and contributions that I am continually reminded of our collective strength in sustaining a sense of stability and “can do” philosophy. This is evidenced in the support and good work of people across our community, coupled with the achievements of our younger generations. I am inspired by the wisdom and inquiry of those ‘young and old’ who have visited my office or sent emails of concern or inquiry. Responding to hundreds of emails and meeting with numerous constituents have kept me apprised of your priority areas requiring attention. I appreciate your thoughtful comments and commitment to bring issues forward.

And now, December is upon us. This is such a special time of year—a month when millions of homes all around the world are decorated with Christmas trees, lights and candles. This is Christmas. It is a time of when we remember others, when we make extra effort to contact all those special people who quietly support us in so many different ways throughout our life. It is a time to slow down…to fill some of our days with fun, family, friends and festivity.

For me, this festival celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Over the years, Christmas has become a time of gift giving and rejoicing in peace. We have taken many customs from different places around the world and mixed them together to form our modern celebration of Christmas. But one tradition remains universal—the tradition of sharing and love, in fellowship and togetherness. It is in spreading the warmth in our hearts to touch the lives of others with joy and good cheer that the true meaning of Christmas unfolds.

I hope we can pause to consider our blessings often forgotten or taken for granted…take some time to think about and plan for a future that encourages opportunity, is sustainable and values family and community…where we can share ideas, listen, learn and preserve a quality of life we all hold dear.

I am truly honoured to represent you in the House of Commons. I will continue to work to the best of my abilities to be sure your voice is heard in government.

My family and I join in extending our very best wishes to you this holiday season. May the wonderful blessing of Christmas be with you throughout the coming year.