Alberta’s Trade Dispute with British Columbia

Calgary Nose Hill e

The provincial governments in Alberta and British Columbia were recently engaged in a trade dispute which originated following the BC government’s announcement of new regulations that include restrictions on the transportation of energy products from Alberta. These changes could impact the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline – a vital infrastructure project for all Canadians.

Justin Trudeau has the power, right now, to put an end to this trade dispute. He can invoke the federal government’s authority in section 92(10)(c) of the Constitution Act and declare the construction of this pipeline a benefit to all Canadians –which it is.

My colleague in the Alberta Legislature, Prasad Panda, created a petition, which I have sponsored, calling on the federal government use Section 92.10(c) of the Constitution Act to declare, via the Parliament of Canada, that the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline project is for the general advantage of Canada. Together we are asking the Prime Minister to show leadership, put an end to costly trade disputes, and support Alberta energy workers and their families by ensuring this pipeline is constructed. You can find a link to the official parliamentary petition at