Crescent Heights’ July Planning Report


by Dennis Marr, CHCA Board of Directors

Between May 3 and June 6, 2018 your Planning Committee commented on the following:

  1. DP2018-2064; 700 Centre A St. NW; single detached building
  2. DP2018-0075; 616 Centre A St. NW; land use amendment; secondary suite
  3. DP2018-1663; 1623 Centre St. NW; change of use; cannabis store
  4. DP2018-1798; 33 – 4 St. NE; change of use; cannabis store
  5. DP2018-1654; 418 – 16 Ave. NW; (Mt. Pleasant); change of use; cannabis store
  6. DP2018-2361; 1435 – 1A St. NW; single detached dwelling; secondary suite
  7. DP2018-2408; 206 – 11 Ave NW; single detached dwelling; unit A
  8. DP2018-2333; 206 – 11 Ave NW; single detached dwelling; unit B
  9. DP2018-1853; 906 Centre St. NE; change of use; cannabis store

The final decision on all DPs rests with the City. For further information, call the City’s Planning Department or check their Website and MAPs’ application.

If you think the Planning Committee can be of assistance with a planning-related or land use issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The primary role of the Planning Committee is to provide input to the City on development applications in our community. In the absence of input from other residents, our comments become the sole source of community feedback to the City. However, anyone can submit comments to the City on a development. When a group of neighbours oppose a development, it is their choice to voice their concerns to the City or mount an appeal. The Planning Committee will assist the concerned neighbours but being volunteers, we are limited in the time that we can commit.

Our community is diverse, and our Committee is aware that we may not represent the opinions of the community as a whole in all situations. However, when a neighbour group opposes a development, our typical position has been to support that group and provide as much support as possible.

If you find that you have to deal with the City on a land issue, do not hesitate to contact the Planning Committee for our input. As a minimum we will give you our opinion.

Your Planning Committee meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month if warranted. To join the committee please contact me at [email protected]. To attend a meeting just come out to the Hall.