Hidden Valley-Hanson Ranch December Message from the Board of Directors

It’s December already! We hope your gift shopping is progressing and the weather is behaving.

Unfortunately, the preparation for the newsletter is done a whole month ahead of the delivery date so the news in this article goes stale very quickly. We can but try to bring you up to date.

You may not be aware that even though the Community Association is named for Hidden Valley, since it was formed very early on in 1996, we also represent Hanson Ranch. It’s written that way on all our street signs and banners. There has been a lot of concern that issues in Hanson Ranch are not being addressed adequately by the Community Association, so we have making an effort to get the residents of Hanson Ranch to come out and engage with the association. Councillor Gondek has been helping us to make this engagement.

There was a meeting held late October after the Councillor, HVCA President Emery Prichard, and HVCA Secretary, Karla Williamson, did some door knocking to call people out. This meeting was instrumental in getting some major concerns aired. The one at everyone’s forefront is of course is Traffic Safety in Hanson Ranch. Some initiatives have already been started; a HVHR traffic committee has been formed and Councillor Gondek is going to be challenging some City regulations and processes.

At the time of writing this, we have another, broader meeting planned ate the Holy Trinity Anglican Church on the 7th November. One of the methods of contacting all residents of Hanson Ranch was the mail out of a leaflet. Unfortunately, a Canada Post strike in Calgary was just announced and the mail out might not happen.

Be assured that the Hidden Valley Hanson Ranch Community Association volunteer directors try their hardest to care for the troubles of the whole area.