Huntington Hills General Manager’s Message for October

Huntington mb

I would like to thank all the individuals who volunteered for our casino that was held in September. Casinos are vital in the success of our operations, and it is impossible to do it without a strong volunteer base.

I would like to welcome two new individuals to our team. Scott Wasdal is our new Operations Manager and Amanda Ducheminsky is our new Marketing and Events Coordinator. They both come with a wealth of experience and expertise, and we are delighted to welcome them to our Huntington team.

Amanda is excited to facilitate and execute numerous new programs and events at the facility and she is open to hearing what your needs and wants are as a resident of Huntington Hills.

Learn to skate, shiny hockey, yoga, youth curling, and pickleball have started and are open to all community residents. Please visit the website for more information.

We are opening a weight room/fitness area in late fall, so the community will be a buzz with anticipation. There will be no charge for senior residents. Please watch the website for further details.

Rick Lundy