Huntington Hills’ July Message from the President


This is the start of a new year for the Board of this community. As usual there is a combination of returning Board members and new faces. With an orientation program for the new directors and some new members on the Executive the first meeting or two is usually a challenge. It is our hope that we can follow through with the objectives we set and any that come from the community. Having new members on the board is a good thing because with new people come new ideas.

We are now in the middle of our summer programs and especially with the young people out of school the playgrounds and the fields of various sports are being heavily utilized. Don’t forget even if you don’t play, those that do always enjoy entertaining fans with their skills. Get out there and have some fun either way.

I hope all of you get some holidays and enjoy the plans you have made. We all need some time to recharge our batteries and to be ready for the upcoming year.