Montgomery’s October President’s Corner

Presidents Message Montgomery

Our schools are back in full swing and I want to welcome back all the students to both Terrace Road School and Foundations for the Future Charter Academy. Both schools hosted welcome back events (corn roast and barbeque) adding to the sense of community. With the discussion and debate of 30 km zones throughout communities, I would like to remind everyone to drive carefully, particularly around the schools. FFCA is a high school so it does not qualify for a school zone; however, there are many students who move about in the area as well as about 21 buses, so please take care when in the area particularly during morning drop off and afternoon pickup times.

As fall has settled over the community, I have been enjoying the beautiful change of colours on the trees and the harvesting of the garden. This summer, the community garden produced not only an amazing bountiful harvest but also an amazing visual display. Looking at the sunflowers growing taller by the day and towering over the fences adds such value to the long walk up 48 Street! As I walk, bike, and drive around, I notice many beautiful gardens throughout the community. I would like to invite anyone who has taken pictures of their garden this summer to share them with the community and we can use them throughout the winter within the newsletter. Then maybe next summer, if there is interest, we can highlight some of the gardens and look to host a walking garden tour in August. If you are interested in this, let me know.

Our first season of the Montgomery Monday Market has wrapped up. We have learned from this year and will be evaluating and planning moving forward. We have selected a playground/park design company to work with the community on George Gell Park. Once they have accepted our offer, we will begin public engagement regarding the Park.

This summer, Avenue Magazine rated Montgomery as the 32nd Best Community to live in (202 communities in Calgary). What surprised me by this is that we were not top 10 for Parks and Pathways; having Shouldice Park, Bowmont Park, and Edworthy Park, the reginal pathway, bike lanes, and 4 dog parks within our boundaries! Perhaps we need to look at how we highlight our assets. To this end, we completed an Asset Map with the BIA and the City of Calgary. We will be looking at ways to utilize this map within the community in order to better showcase our spaces. One suggestion is that we provide walking tours highlighting the community. We will keep you posted as we move forward with this. If there are residents interested in hosting a walk or bike ride through the community, contact the Community Association.

The Community Association uses the website, and social media site, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share current information. I encourage you to check out our social media updates between newsletter publications. We are always interested in improving how we share information and if you have ideas to build the community, do not hesitate to contact us.

Talk Soon,