You Know Your Neighbourhood Better than the Police!


Calgary Police Services Officer Greg joined us last night at our monthly North Haven Community Association meeting. What down-to-earth practical advice he gave us!

First, he congratulated us on having one of the lowest numbers of crime in the city. We have consistently, over the years, been a quiet community.

Be confident that our low crime rate has a lot to do with you knowing your neighbourhood and reporting when situations look odd: like a car that has been parked in the same spot for several days; a house that basically looks unkempt but has many people coming and going; someone wandering through the neighbourhood late at night.

He says, it’s not what’s happening exactly, but that it feels wrong for your street. And you know your neighbourhood. You know patterns and purposes. The Calgary Police are skilled and experienced, but only you know what living in your community feels like. You can really help our police by reporting activity that doesn’t feel right to you.

He added that garages are a common target. “Lock your garage,” he cautions. “And don’t leave your garage door opener in a vehicle on the street. That’s what most cars are broken into for.” One teenage boy noticed a man appear to slip something into the window of a car across the street. When the man immediately opened the door and jumped in, the boy figured it must be his car. But it didn’t feel right. The next morning the car was reported stolen. Trust your instincts; call the police.

Visit and explore the ways our police service can help you: there’s a Citizen Online Reporting System; or you can Book an Appointment if you need to discuss a loss of property or an accident; or take a look at the Crime Map!