Thorncliffe-Greenview’s December Message from the President

Presidents Message Thorncliffe Greenview

by Leslie DeGagne

Delicate snowflakes fall softly in the dark creating an

Eider-down blanket that comforts a frozen land.

Cozy and warm during a solemn winter’s night as

Embers glow on a hearth sending out light and warmth to battle the cold.

Many children gaze through the falling flakes seeking,

Beseeching, desperately wanting and waiting for the miracle to occur.

Each child with a dream of a gift they will receive or a gift they will give.

Remarkably the magic occurs. Joy is the gift made possible by love.

Clearly the traditions remain.

Old and young alike take heart in the festive trimmings of the season;

Merry making, singing songs of good tidings and telling tales of good things coming to those who care make a joyful time.

Electric lights shimmer and dance filling the dark night sky with color creating the atmosphere for this magical season.

Sharing what little you have with those you love and opening your arms to the lonely make this a time where all can be children for at least one magical day.

On behalf of the board of directors of the Thorncliffe Greenview community, I wish all our members and staff a happy and safe holiday season. Enjoy your time with family and friends, as they are the most important gift, enriching our lives and giving us purpose.

Thank you to all who helped with the children’s Christmas party this month. Thank you does not seem to say enough as the joy you bring to families with your volunteering is unmeasurable.