West Hillhurst’s November Message from the General Manager


by Bryan Polak, General Manager

Hello WHCA Community,

Halloween has passed so now we get to catch our breaths before getting overloaded with promotions and commercials for Christmas. Wonderful.

At least hockey has started. Go Oilers (and Flames)!

We are now into the playoffs for the CFL. Go Stamps! Bring back the Cup!

NFL is also in full swing. Go Cowboys!

Make sure you visit the Barn upstairs to watch your favorite hockey and football teams and have something to drink and eat.

Go Getters

This part is directed at all the guys in the neighborhood. If you have an idea where a bunch of guys can get together and have some fun playing cards, watching a sports event, etc. please let us know. I have seen very few males in the Go Getters and would like to start talking about how to change this.

Health Club Programs

Come and talk to us about our programs in the Health Club (squash, tennis, work outs, fitness programs). If you know of a program you would like to see here, talk to the staff and they can pass it on.

Advertising inside WHCA

We have been selling advertising spaces in the arena, gymnasium, and squash courts. If you are interested or know someone who is, please have them contact Mitch at ([email protected]).


If you have ideas for the building, possible events or programs that you would like to see at WHCA, please connect with me at [email protected].