Chaparral President’s Message – November


The Chaparral Community Association (CCA) is pleased to announce that we were able to fulfill all the requirements necessary to host an Adopt a Rink in the community. The approved rink will be located in Chaparral Valley in the green space along to Chaparral Valley Square. The rink is anticipated to measure 48’ by 84’ with a liner and short boards to contain and prolong the life of the rink once established. The rink is for pleasure skating only – no hockey games or equipment will be allowed, and hours are inclusive to city parks regulations of 5am –11pm. The City will be installing a couple of permanent park benches in the area for year-round use and we will also seek to understand, over the season, if additional seating is required. You may be wondering where all that water to create the rink is coming from, well the city will be supplying that too, via the fire hydrant close to the site.

What the City is not supplying is the volunteer help that will be required to flood and maintain the rink. The CCA’s lead volunteer for Chaparral Valley is Andrew and he will also be taking the lead for organizing the group of volunteers who will make this hub a success. If you have already signed up to volunteer, we would like to thank you in advance. If you have not already signed up please consider doing so, the more volunteers we have the lighter the load will be for everyone. What a great way to meet your fellow your neighbours and who knows, they may become year-round friends! For more information please contact Andrew at [email protected]. A volunteer orientation will be hosted by the City here in Chaparral and details will be shared once confirmed. There is also another great opportunity to learn about rinks by attending the City of Calgary’s Outdoor Rinks 101 Training Workshop, Wednesday November 7th at the Highwood Community Association in the NW. If you’d like to join us, please contact Andrew to see if there is still space available to register.

 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Bid Plebiscite

Citizens of Calgary are being asked to share our opinion on pursuing the bid process for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We urge you to look at all the information, so you can to formulate your view, and then get out and vote. Advance voting is on November 6th and 7th and vote day is on November 13th. Voting information and locations are posted on Ward 14 Councillor Peter Demong has expressed that his vote at council will be reflective of how the citizens of Ward 14 vote at this plebiscite, so let him know where you stand by voting.

Green Cart Changes

Starting in November the city is piloting a change to green cart service over the winter. Green cart organic waste will only be picked up every two weeks, instead of weekly. The thought is that organic waste levels drop significantly in the winter and to find efficiencies, the pick-up schedule is being adjusted. As is the case with any pilot your opinion matters, good or bad, call 311 and let the waste and recycling department know. Want to keep the pick-up schedules straight? Try downloading the city app Calgary Garbage Day onto your mobile device. Not only does the app inform you when pick-ups will occur for regular and holiday service, but I enjoy the link to What Goes Where feature to find out what items go in what bins and where to take items that can’t go in – Give it a try.