Kincora Skating Rink Volunteers Needed!


Hi, my name is Travis Merrick and I’ve been the volunteer director of the Kincora rink for the past three years. I’ve lived in Kincora for eight years, six of those I was a Director at Large with the Homeowners Association (KRA) and for the past two I’ve been on the KCA board currently as Director of Events. This is separate from my role managing our community rink.

My passion for the rink is from having grown up on outdoor rinks myself and wanting to give my kids and family that same experience. I started the first year with little to no experience, learned by making mistakes, and have plans to make this year’s rink the biggest we’ve ever done in Kincora. However, none of this happens by myself. We need volunteers; flooding, shovelling, maintenance, open and closing the rink based on weather conditions. Without a committed group of volunteers this just can’t happen. The KCA doesn’t have the funds to hire a professional to manage the rink or afford to shovel it off every time it snows. If you can’t help with the rink throughout the season, sign up for a KCA membership. It takes a couple of minutes and your $20 pays for supplies, signage, and ensures the rink and events like the Winter Festival continue to bring Kincora together. I hope to see you and your family out on the ice or at the build day! (We may even have NHL nets this year for those aspiring future NHLers)

Feel free to contact me directly at: [email protected].