Thorncliffe-Greenview’s November Message from the President

Presidents Message Thorncliffe Greenview

by Leslie DeGagne

November reminds us that apathy breeds intolerance.

On November 11th: Wear a poppy; take a moment to give thanks to the fallen. Exercise your right to have a voice and become involved.

We held our AGM with elections at the end of last month. I thank all who came out to support the community. Congratulations to our new board I hope next year is as productive as the past one was. Thank you to the office staff and Kevin Kromm for your assistance in making sure all things technical worked. I am not sure how many times we take these people for granted as no event held in the complex goes smoothly without the aid of our great staff. We are one of the few communities in Calgary that can operate as we do, and it is because of our staff. To those who have moved on to other projects, thank you for your time, dedication and friendship. TGCA is lucky to have such talented people dedicate their time to the overseeing of and building of community. Moving forward into the future there are many issues to deal with to ensure we continue to be a leading voice in the City of Calgary.

It seems that every month we say good-bye to a piece of our heritage. Sadly, at the beginning of October, Warren Schram passed away. Warren gave a huge part of his life to the community being a past president, director and great community volunteer. He was a person who knew what it took to build a solid community and his contributions will not be forgotten. Getting involved and caring for others were a large part of Warren’s gift to TGCA. The legacies left by the pioneers of the community go far beyond the building complex we enjoy today. Warren was a part of exemplifying what it means to be a part of a community and our responsibility is to continue and carry on the legacy.

For those who missed it. You may have noticed we have rebranded our lounge area. The kickoff of the 56 took place last month and we are proud to say we now are operating a fully staffed and redecorated restaurant. Members come on down to the complex and enjoy home cooking at its best. The name is a nod to our heritage as in 1956 the community came to be. It is just co incidence that we are also located at 5600 Center Street. We are proud to be able to offer our families food before and after their arena times or just offer an affordable night out. Look for information on our website to new offerings and activities throughout the complex.

Halloween has come and gone and with it, another family dance. Mary Lacoste and her committee once again put on a great event. Look for notices of what is to come as we are busy planning a Christmas event the date and details will be available soon. November brings the kick off to the holiday season and the TGWL will once again sponsor their craft fair, the best in the city and a fun time for all. The complex will be busy as the crafters share their wares on the 16th and 17th. With programs for fall off and running, the community has come to life, enjoy watching the children ply their trades in the arena and gyms across the city and continue to be good community builders.