Braeside President’s Message – December


Hello everyone. Here is a condensed version of my full monthly letter from October. A reminder that I need to submit a President’s Message more than 30 days from when you read it. For a full monthly letter, please consider joining the Braeside Community Association.

During October, Braeside has been evaluating six requests for land use change applications to allow residents to have secondary suites. There have been more applications this year compared to 2017.

For community safety, please consider following a policy proposed by CPS (Calgary Police Service) named 9 PM Routine. Essentially this policy is to develop a habit to make sure your vehicles have valuables removed and are locked, all your doors to your home are secured, and turn on outside lights to deter prowlers.

For playground signs, if you notice any signs that are hard to see because of tree branches, call 311 and ask for Urban Forestry to attend to the problem. Drivers exceeding the 30 km limit in playground zones continues to be a problem. Talk with your neighbours to organise placing several calls to CPS non-emergency number to report address of playground and time of day of your observance of speeding. The number is 403-428-6600 at the Bonaventure Drive SE office.

BCA is asking for input of new programs for seniors at the community hall. Examples could be card games for bridge, cribbage, euchre, Ma Jong, a book club, and other fitness activities like yoga or chair yoga. The upper hall is available most afternoons during the week. Please think about these or any other activities that you would like. Send an email to the community using [email protected] with subject ‘seniors ideas’ and let us know. Then we can organize whatever ones are most popular.

Until next month,


Kind regards,

Robert Griggs