Glendale’s Message on Outdoor Cats

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Article by Levi Hassan

The purpose of this article is to share information with neighbours about the need to keep pet cats indoors or under control when outdoors.

To be clear, I’m a fan of cats. I came across a cat on my walk back from the drug store, and I loved playing with it. These pets are loved and cherished by their owners. For those who don’t know the risks associated with outdoor cats, it is important to have awareness of potential harms.

First, it’s a city bylaw that pets cannot be allowed outside off a leash anywhere except for off-leash areas and your own property. But there’s also numerous environmental and animal health and wellness considerations. Importantly, domestic cats are a predatory species, that typically hunt birds, rodents, or reptiles. Outdoor cats can impact local wildlife and conservation efforts.

There is also the health of the cat itself to consider. Substance ingestion (including plants that are toxic to them), parasites, dangers such as road crossings, and potential predators such as coyotes and bobcats, can all impact the lifespan and health of mostly outdoor cats. I’ve seen coyotes show up at the foot of my house walkway, and I’ve also seen the aftermath of predation.

The following links are two articles (both from scientifically reputable sources) that provide further information on these issues:

I recently saw someone walking their cat on a leash, and it was an excellent sight. Catios are another example of enrichment that can be provided for indoor cats. I’m asking all cat owners to reconsider the risks and benefits of allowing their cats to freely roam outdoors, for both the cat’s safety, and to preserve and protect local wildlife. This is a domesticated animal who deserves the best and fullest life possible. Thank you for reading, and I hope this article was informative.

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