An Interview With @hiddenhaysboro

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If you’re on Instagram you may know about the account Hidden Haysboro. This anonymous account is about “sharing the details and hidden gems of a very lovely neighbourhood.” Many of us have been captivated by the treasures that are abundant in our community and this visual journey helps reinforce the pride we share in our homes and communal spaces. We interviewed Hidden Haysboro (not to try and secretly figure out who they are) to highlight this simple yet effective way to showcase community spirit.


What inspired you to start Hidden Haysboro?

It was twofold. One, I was looking for a personal creative challenge. And two, I wanted to celebrate our great neighbourhood.


Since starting the account have you found yourself wanting to explore more of the neighbourhood?

Absolutely! I’ve been down so many streets I never walked before, wandered alleys I never would have thought to go down, and there are still more new spots to find.


What has been your favourite discovery so far?

Going down the alleys has revealed a lot. Fun little pet treats, interesting fences, back alley gardens to die for, and peaks into people’s lives. To be clear, not snooping, just the glimpse’s you get into people’s free time.

One of my favourite things has been this little round window mounted into a fence. Clearly a window on the world for a pet. It was the funniest thing.

It has also been wonderful to be taking such notice of the change of seasons I started this right at the beginning of spring, just as the first rhubarb shoots were poking up; now the raspberries are dropping off the plants. I’m looking forward to more of this.


Are there any tucked away places or spaces you think people in the neighbourhood should be visiting?

I think the biggest thing is to just encourage everyone to get off their standard routes. Cross Elbow Drive in either direction and check things out. Take a different route with the kid or the dog. It’s amazing what you can discover! We have a wonderful neighbourhood, the people and the places.


Thank you Hidden Haysboro!