North Glenmore Park Traffic & Planning and Development Update – November


Traffic Update

Do you have questions or concerns about traffic in North Glenmore Park? Mark your calendar for our next drop-in community traffic session where a traffic committee representative will be available. Monday, November 19th from 6:30 – 7pm at the community centre (2231 Longridge Drive SW).


Planning & Redevelopment (PARC) Update

For the most current updates, please check and contact [email protected] or 403-246-4243 to add your name to our email list. Follow us on twitter at @npgca and Facebook at

PARC members wanted!

If you are passionate about North Glenmore Park and would like to become involved in the Planning & Area Redevelopment Committee, please contact the Community Association at [email protected] or 403-246-4243. We’re always looking for residents with lots of energy, ideas and a commitment to making our community even better!

Playground Vandalism

There has been repeated vandalism on the hillside feature at the new playground at 21st Street and 52nd Avenue. Although the City, police and high school administration are aware, please report any vandalism to 3-1-1. This playground was built by hardworking community volunteers and has been used exceedingly well – please help us ensure users respect the park.

Tim Hortons Drive-Through

The proposed Tim Hortons drive-through at Crowchild Trail and 54th Avenue is still under review by the City. Tim Hortons submitted a revised application in August 2018 to address a number of issues, and the City has since asked for more revisions to the proposal. The Community Association will release any new information on the proposal as soon as it becomes available.

A sub-committee has been created to work on an appeal of the drive-through use if needed. This group of residents will be canvassing door-to-door with a petition and continues to gather information to take to the Subdivision & Appeal Board should the City decide in favour of the proposed drive-through use. The petition can also be signed at the community centre office (2231 Longridge Drive SW).

R-CG Zoning at 19th Street & 53rd Avenue

Members of the community association, redevelopment committee, and a group of affected residents attended the public hearing at City Council on September 10th to speak against the proposed rezoning from R-C1 to R-CG at 5315 19th Street SW. Despite the Association’s and residents’ best efforts, and an enormous amount of preparation, Council approved this rezone. For more information on the appeal, please visit

Current area redevelopment applications:

Due to newsletter publication timing, the best way to view all redevelopment applications is to visit All application drawings can be viewed at the community centre office and can be requested directly from the City of Calgary planning representative responsible for the proposed development.