Oakridge Community Garden (OCG) Update for July


Our fifth and sixth 2024 OCG Executive meetings #104 and #105 were held on Thursday, April 18 and on Monday, June 4. We also had an OCG planning meeting on Tuesday, May 7 ahead of our raised bed replacement project. Our focus was on coordinating the replacement of the 4’ by 4’ beds which dry out very quickly into 10’ by 4’ beds. We had luckily obtained some funds and youth volunteers from Youth Central to help us on Saturday, May 11. We had a successful ‘Work Bee’ on Monday, May 27 to cleanup and weed the perennial garden, as well as complete general maintenance of the OCG.

Our next activity with Youth Central is planned for Saturday, July 20 to build a floor for the gazebo and some benches, as well as planting more shrubs and perennials.

Our plan for 2024 – our fifth growing season – is to ensure a focus on long-term sustainment. This will mean encouraging more new members and a greater sharing of the volunteer effort.

We have a few events planned, many to be combined with other OCA activities. Firstly, during the Stampede Breakfast, we have some volunteer gardeners willing to show residents and visitors around our garden, before or after the breakfasts. Personal garden visits are also planned for during the summer, and then we have a Harvest Day on Saturday, September 7 combined with a pickleball competition. No, gardeners don’t have to play, but we want to share the garden with interested recovering players!

Later in the year, we plan to repeat some Halloween celebrations with pumpkin carving and dress up celebrations – but we need enthusiastic participants and volunteers.

We will continue to have some ‘Work Bee’ volunteer days where we will plant, water, and maintain the OCG area and have fun learning about garden experiences.

Come, volunteer, and join the exciting garden group.

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