Signal Hill Community Association President’s Message for July


This is my 20th message in this journal; it should have been 22nd or 23rd, but we were plagued with both computer breakdowns and transitioning our email system that prevented a message until now. One of our readers suggested that we devote two pages to cover what has happened in the interim, but I dare say this would not make our publisher happy.

Yet a lot has happened in the city…from a state of emergency to upzoning to spies potentially affecting the democratic process of how we govern this country – a lot has happened! Hopefully, you have survived and lived to tell the tale.

In similar fashion, we have shared some experiences right in our own community. The Parade of Garage Sales was a great success. Our first Neighbour Day event was rained on as was a similar event last year. Yet those who were in attendance really enjoyed the experience, rain or shine. A resounding success was the Cleanup Day that was held on May 18. Three communities pooled together, providing volunteers and other resources so that 24,000 pounds of materials were either recycled or sent to city waste. It was busy enough that trucks were diverted from other locations to our site. Kudos to all!

As is the custom of most community associations, we will have no scheduled meetings during the months of July and August. Individual directors will still be working hard during the summer. I’ll be here for the most part, and we have things happening. Watch our webpage for updates. Any events and pertinent details will also be communicated via email to community members.

There is one project that we will be actively looking for your input. We are planning to have some of our utility boxes adorned with art. Are there any local artists who would like to submit a conceptual proposal? Send your ideas to us. What about the canvas? Which boxes deserve some artistic charm? We are not limiting this program to just local artists, but we would like to see if there is sufficient talent right here in Signal Hill.

Again, thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through the email transition. While we are caught up with many of your messages, there are still some that need to be addressed. Remember, you can contact me directly at [email protected] or at [email protected].

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