November at St. Bonaventure Junior High School


School motto: spirituality, citizenship, and excellence.

The St. Bonaventure school community looks forward to a number of exciting November events that are representative of spirituality and citizenship.

Liturgically, the Remembrance Day Liturgy of the Word will remind each of us that peace is a responsibility that we all share. Looking back, our Thanksgiving Food Drive provided the student body with the opportunity to perform the corporal work of feeding the hungry. Through this, students were able to gain a sense of the true meaning of service learning. A special thanks to St. Bonaventure Parish for supporting our efforts.

Athletically, the volleyball and cross country running seasons have concluded. Sincere thanks to athletes, coaches, and parents for their contributions. It is greatly appreciated. The next sport on the athletic calendar is wrestling. The team will aim to build toward the city championships in December.

In the fine arts department, our band students attended a band bootcamp with Monsignor J.S. Smith and Father James Whelihan. In addition, the music ministry practices weekly in order to enhance our school liturgies. Parents are always welcome to our liturgy celebrations.