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grapes or blends, regions or countries – that may not be common or well known. About a wine or winemaker, with a story to tell; of place, process or style. Highlighting smaller artisanal producers making unique, reasonably priced (< $50 retail), all the while demonstrating careful earth stewardship.

Paolo Conterno, Nebbiolo, 2014, Langhe “A Mont” – Piedmont, Italy

About the Maker: Founded in 1886 by Paolo Conterno who recognized the connoisseurs’ market for quality wine. In 1955, Paolo Conterno II replanted the vineyards with Nebbiolo clones better-suited to the family’s alpine Langhe sites. In 1993 Paolo II was knighted by the Italian Federation for contributions to the Italian wine industry. Now run by a fourth generation, Giorgio Conterno carries on the tradition of his visionary ancestors.

About the Making: Combining traditional methods (ageing in 35 hectolitre French barrels) with modern vinification (temperature controlled fermentation), the Conternos bring together best-practices of both winemaking worlds. They live their motto “We make wine for our family that we share with others.”

About the Estate: South-facing calcerous clay slopes, that average 300 metres a.s.l. provide ideal conditions for growing Nebbiolo. With vineyards on 38 degree slopes, the 10-acre estate-vines are hand-maintained and hand-harvested.

About the Wine: Medium-bodied wine with luscious aromas of roses and dark fruits. Elegantly structured, this wine is round, with complex – slightly spicy flavours lingering lusciously on the palate as the long finish concludes.

About Pairing: Pair with ripe cheeses, risotto, roasted vegetables, pasta with red sauces, or lean cuts of beef.

About Stewardship: Sustainable production.

About Availability: Check liquorconnect.com (call the listed store too) confirming availability prior to heading out for purchase.

CSPC #741110

About Price: $26