Woodcreek Scouts Group – November

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A big thank you goes out to everyone who purchased Trails End popcorn from our group during the month of October. The weather cooperated for the kids to be out door to door and they made lots of sales. You will be contacted when the popcorn arrives, and it will be delivered right to your door in the last few weeks of November. This is a really great fundraiser for us, the kids love selling the popcorn and we give them incentive prizes for top sales in each section.

Also, in October the Cubs held their first camp at Camp Vallaqua in Water Valley. The theme was chosen by the kids, as were most of the activities. The theme was Minecraft! They had lots of fun with Minecraft themed activities for the entire weekend, inside and outside. They also worked on their outdoor skills and they slept inside the lodge in tents by the big fireplace. Boy, were they tired after a long day! I think they fell asleep in record time!

The Beavers followed the weekend after the Cubs at the same camp. Their theme was Survivor! The busy Beavers were busy all weekend learning their survival skills. The Beavers also sleep inside in the beautiful lodge. We have a great group of volunteer parents that cook for the groups and clean up. These camps are a huge team effort and are always a great success!

The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts also had great fun with their Halloween parties this year, the scouts are always so helpful to all the sections.

Please remember to honour the Veterans on Remembrance Day. Our group is always out in full uniform to honour the fallen soldiers at different events around the city. This is such an important day to teach the children about Lest we Forget.

If you have any great ideas for our group or would like to join as a Leader or enroll your kids, please feel free to contact our Group Commissioner Tim Tratch at 403-251-4878.

Thank you to our long time sponsors the local Lions Club and the Woodcreek Community Association.