How to Hire the Right Business Coach


Millions of people who once worked in small businesses across the country are facing the possibility that their employers may not need them anymore. As the search for new job opportunities begins, many will look to business coaches and life coaches for guidance. Unfortunately, not all coaches have your best interests at heart.

Watch out for coaches promising high earnings and immediate results. BBB’s Scam Tracker reports show that some coaches make big promises before disappearing with their client’s payment. Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received a spike in customer complaints on legitimate companies who advertise high returns on the coaching investment but fail to deliver the mentorship promised.

Coaching is a largely unregulated business, with some non-profit organizations offering accreditations to professional coaches. You might hire an excellent coach whose educational style simply isn’t the right fit for you, or you could lose money on someone who’s not qualified for the job. Don’t waste your time and money by hiring a coach that’s not right for your specific career goals. Be sure you’re getting your money’s worth with a knowledgeable coach.

Here are BBB’s tips for hiring the business coach that’s right for you:

Ask for references and verify them. Testimonials from past clients are a useful tool that you can use to ensure your coach delivers on the promises they make, but they’re no good if you don’t verify them. Connect with their clients. If possible, speak to them to get an idea of how your potential coach helped them to achieve their goals.

Ensure their experience lines up with your personal goals. A good coach should have knowledge and experience. If you dream of owning your own cafe, then you should seek out a coach who has experience owning their own small business and who has helped other clients achieve similar goals.

Look for an expert. Regardless of their area of expertise, a good business or life coach should be a leader in their field. That might mean they write informative articles, teach classes, or speak at conferences. This shows they are keeping up to date with new innovations, and they are a respected voice in their profession.

Your coach should be invested in you. All coaches will have different practices for communicating with clients, but they should maintain open lines of communication with you. In addition, your coach should be responsive to your questions and concerns from the beginning of your relationship. If they aren’t showing a dedicated interest in your goals and expectations, they’re not the right fit for you.

They challenge you to continuously grow. Your coach should teach you what you don’t know and guide you through challenging decisions. They should also encourage you to set high expectations for yourself. A good coach will help you see what you need to do in order to achieve your goals, and they will challenge you to push yourself even further.

Do your research before hiring a coach. Check to read business profiles and customer reviews. If you encounter a scam, report it to BBB’s Scam Tracker.