North Glenmore Park 2018 Real Estate Trends

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The City of Calgary housing market has entered into its second quarter. Due to low sales, an outcrop of new listings and low prices the market is struggling. It is not immune to these market shifts. Although a highly-sought-after community, second quarterly sales are down 23%. With new listings up about 40%, we are looking at about 5 and a half months of inventory settled in the market in North Glenmore Park. The GOOD news about this sits with the buyers. There is a lot to choose from in this buyers’ market, so now would be a great time to come in and invest in some great real estate in a really great neighbourhood. Because we never know what the market is going to do, it is not always in the best interest of the buyer to sit on it and wait to see if a better price can be had. Now is a great time, the weather is beautiful so there are lots of open houses, lots of great inventory, and lots of sellers that are wanting to take their own next steps.

The history of North Glenmore Park is a quiet one. This community actually had a later start than some of the other inner city communities that I have given the history on. North Glenmore Park took the stage as a stone quarry, then in the late 1930s, the Glenmore Dam was built and has remained a focal point.

Residential development began in 1957. The reason I say that it had a late start is due to the fact that it actually wasn’t annexed until 1956 as opposed to some of the other communities which were annexed in early 1900s.

Although it is a younger inner-city community, it still carries the feel of the 1950s. The residential development style in this neighbourhood, at the time of late-’50s/early-’60s, was a bungalow-style home with anywhere from 1-3 bedrooms upstairs and perhaps a bedroom and a den in the basement. Most homes of this time were ranging in around 900-1100 sq.ft. of above-ground living space—a perfect size for a new family or starter home.

I have had the opportunity to do a few home comparisons in this neighbourhood and have found that some of the original owners from the ground up are still living here. When asked about the neighbourhood and what it was like when first originally built, one gentleman told me that it was a wonderful community in which to raise his children, and that he and his wife were very fortunate to have settled here. I asked if the neighbourhood had changed much and he told me that no, it hadn’t really. It had always been a family-oriented neighbourhood with people raising their children with the same values as their neighbours. “Healthy” was a word that was used frequently. I liked that very much.

North Glenmore Park is in Calgary’s southwest quadrant of the city. The community is bound by 50th Avenue SW to the north, Crowchild Trail SW to the west and Glenmore Trail to the south. There are so many cool attractions that surround the community such as Heritage Park, Glenmore Athletic Park, the Calgary Tennis Academy and two Golf Courses, Lakeview Public Golf Course and Earl Grey Golf Course which is private, both beautiful and in great shape. I golfed both of them recently and have always enjoyed both. Some of Calgary’s pathways flow right through this community as well, allowing you access all over the city and has some amazing views from the walks on top of the ridge. The pathways will take you across Crowchild and into Lakeview where you can meet up in North Glenmore park and ride or walk into Weaselhead Flats and up to the other side known as South Glenmore Park.

Home buyers that decide to buy in North Glenmore Park are spoiled when it comes to their choice of schools for this awesome community. Altadore Elementary School, which hosts K-6, is nearby; Elboya is the nearest public junior high which also is a French Immersion school. Central Memorial High School sits in the heart of North Glenmore Park community as well. There is a separate Catholic school system which hosts St. James Elementary.

I would love to take you out and show you what a lovely neighbourhood this is. It truly is an oasis in the city and has almost everything you need. Great activities and great neighbours, this community offers something for everyone.

Let’s look for your new life here in North Glenmore Park.

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