Glenmore Dam Upgrades


The Glenmore Dam has been key part of Calgary’s water infrastructure system since the early 1930s. The wear and tear the dam has experienced over 85 years of service, and the ever-increasing demands of a growing city, mean the time has come for an extensive upgrade. These improvements will not only extend the life of the dam, but will help manage our drinking water supply and give us the ability to better control low and high river flows.

The first phase of the Glenmore Dam Infrastructure Improvements Program was the Utilities Relocation Project. This project involved moving the water and gas utility lines currently running across the top of the dam to a new tunnel excavated underneath the Elbow River. This is needed to allow access to the dam while upgrades are being made, which include a new bridge deck with better access for maintenance and pathway users, concrete work on the face of the dam, and a new steel gate and hoist system.

While the normal maximum operating levels of the reservoir remains the same, the new gate system will provide greater flexibility to manage reservoir storage during low flows in the winter and high flows in the spring.

The pathway across the dam was closed to the public on September 30, 2017, and then until the work is complete in 2020. Pathway detours will be implemented during this time and signage will be available to assist pathway users. (Up to date information on pathway closures, including maps, is available at

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