March is Community Association Awareness Month

Federation of Calgary Communities

March is Community Association Awareness Month!
How Will You Be Part of It?


As proclaimed by Mayor Nenshi, March is Community Association Awareness Month!

Did you know that there are 151 community associations in Calgary providing you with endless opportunities right in your backyard, events that bring you together as neighbours, and a voice on behalf of your community on issues that affect you?

Did you also know that these community associations are run by volunteers? Your neighbours, your friends, and maybe even your family. In fact, there are over 20,000 volunteers involved, making it the largest collective volunteer movement here in Calgary!

How Will You Be Part of It?

Do you know what your community association offers you? Find out! It’s easy and you may be surprised by the many benefits and options available to you as a resident.

Are you a member of your community association? If not, you are missing out on numerous benefits, including sizeable discounts at local businesses. Membership is extremely affordable with most community association memberships averaging under $30 a year!

This very community newsletter is just one of the many ways your community association works to keep you informed on events, topics, and issues of interest close to home – written and compiled by your neighbours.

So, take a minute during March Community Association Awareness Month to be part of it and find out more about your community association and how you can get involved!

Want to follow along with the action all month long? Keep an eye on the hashtag #howwillYOUbepartofit on Twitter!

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This monthly column is provided courtesy of the Federation of Calgary Communities, a non-profit organization that supports the city’s 152 community associations, and offers resources like organizational development, financial services, urban planning, crime prevention and safety, engagement, and more.