September News from the Friends of Nose Hill

Friends of Nosehill

There are 150 Off-Leash areas in Calgary and the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw will be reviewed next year. Bylaw Services reminded dog owners about the rules when walking pets in public parks and Off-Leash areas. The Department increased enforcement in Nose Hill Park. The City held an informal public information session, during the summer, at Nose Hill, a popular area for many dog owners. Although it is one of the largest walking trails in Calgary, the only Off -Leash area in the Park is the Multi-Use Zone on the plateau (on the top). This means that dogs must be On-Leash in the parking lots, on the pathways, and elsewhere in the park.

Discover the history of Nose Hill Park! The Park was a registered City of Calgary Parks program which focused on everything Nose Hill Park has to offer, from past to present. This program was for children ages 6 – 12 years old. Participants learned about this historic area through guided walks, nature education, and engaging activities, in order to become natural stewards of their local parks and green spaces.

Since the 1960s, various groups lobbied to have Nose Hill preserved as a natural park. In 1972, a group representing 8 communities pursued the matter. The result was the Nose Hill Design Brief, approved by the City, to set aside 1650 hectares for a Natural Environment Park. In 1976, however, the City rezoned part of the land for housing. In response to public discontent, the City reviewed the zoning issue and, in 1980, approved the Nose Hill Park Master Plan, which aimed to preserve 1109 hectares for the park. In 1981, the Nose Hill Park Communities Board was formed to provide public input into implementation of this plan. There were 12 community associations represented on the board and it kept the issue in the public eye. The City finally reached a deal with remaining landowners, in 1989, and Nose Hill Park became a reality.