Working to Abolish the Adverse Possession Law

Calgary Fish Creek

Spring is finally here and hopefully April showers (and snow!) bring May flowers. I know for many of us winter has been long and arduous, but now it is time to put the snow shovels away, enjoy the fresh buds of nature and prepare for May long weekend and outdoor living! Whether we are camping, planting our gardens or hiking in the Rockies, remember to enjoy the beauty and bounty Alberta has to offer.

The Spring Session is in full swing and much has been going on at the Alberta Legislature. I continue to be your outspoken voice now and into the future.

A couple of years ago one of my constituents brought a long standing, and some might say archaic, law to my attention. It is called “adverse possession” but is commonly known as squatter’s rights. I have since worked diligently to abolish it. While many of us “urban” Albertans see the issue more as a rural one, it is an issue that clearly can impact all Albertans. In the words of my affected constituent “every home owner, with a misplaced fence over 10 years old, could be subject to a legal claim against their registered land title”. Alberta and Nova Scotia are the only two provinces with this law still on the books. Adverse Possession supersedes any clear title, title registration, real property report or other documentation generally thought of as securing your ownership rights, but quite simply, if the conditions of the current law are met, you could be subject to land seizure without compensation. In my opinion, adverse possession is outdated and has no reasonable justification for continuance as a law of the land. I am hopeful my Private Members Bill 204 will rectify this and protect all Albertans from unexpected land seizure.

Please join me for my annual STAMPEDE BBQ on Saturday July 7th from 11am-2pm. We will once again be shouting YEE HAW with Spolumbo’s, refreshments, live music from Barter and Cash, games, prizes, and ice cream.

As always, I welcome your communication and feedback. My next MLA Café’s will be on Friday, May 4th and 11th 10-1130am and Tuesday, May 22nd from 5-7 pm at my office. Happy Spring and see you soon!