Alberta’s Economic Recovery

Calgary Glenmore  e

Dear Constituents:

As your MLA, I’m proud of the work our government has done that will improve the lives of my constituents and all Albertans.

When the price of oil collapsed, our government made a decision to invest in the services that Albertans rely on and build the schools and hospitals that we need. We chose not to make a bad situation worse by firing thousands of teachers and nurses. We chose not to cut education and privatize health care.

Our plan is working. Alberta’s economy is looking up and 90,000 new full-time jobs were created last year alone. We reduced the deficit by $2.5 billion without firing thousands of teachers and nurses.

Alberta led the country in GDP with 4.9% growth last year. TD’s latest forecast projects Alberta to lead the country again in 2018 and 2019-three years running.

On May 29th, there was a major step forward in our fight for jobs and an economy that works for all Albertans. The Government of Canada, with support from the Government of Alberta, purchased the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline is back on track. Work is ramping up this summer and we can see firsthand the pipe being stockpiled in Alberta yards. Construction is also happening at the pipeline’s terminals in the Lower Mainland of BC. The construction timeline now has far more certainty to it, and we remain ready and willing to “turn off the taps” if necessary.

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project will help create tens of thousands of jobs and protect the front-line services Albertan families rely on.

An economic recovery that doesn’t reach every kitchen table is no recovery at all. That’s why I’ll continue to support projects that build infrastructure in our community and protect the services Albertans depend on.