Spring Legislature Progress

Calgary Glenmore  e

Dear Constituents:

While in the midst of the Spring Legislative session, I am delighted to share the progress of our government provincially.

Economic growth exceeds expectations; deficit drops! While protecting public services for all Albertans.

Alberta’s economy is leading the country with growth in nearly all sectors. In the third-quarter fiscal update, GDP growth is revised up to 4.5 per cent and the deficit dropped by $1.4 billion. The lower forecast is a result of this government’s continued efforts to constrain costs and improve revenue sources, such as higher non-renewable resource revenue, increased investment income and an improved balancing pool forecast.

Significant work has also been done to carefully find savings while continuing to support and protect the public services that all Albertans rely on. Whether it means negotiating practical agreements with public sector unions such as the Alberta Teacher’s Association and the United Nurses of Alberta or extending the salary freeze in the public sector along with a hiring restraint across the public service. In addition, government corporate services have been consolidated and public agencies, boards and commissions have been reviewed resulting in cuts in salary and doing away with perks offered in the past. A high priority has been placed on restraining discretionary spending such as travel, all across government.

Community engagement on the South West Calgary Ring Road through several community meetings and presentations, continues and residents have provided valuable feedback. Alberta Transport together with multiple stakeholders have been able to provide ongoing information regarding plans, traffic changes and environmental considerations. We strive to continue to provide adequate and up to date information. Please refer to Alberta Transports’ website for information and updates at www.transportation.alberta.ca

As your MLA, I can best serve you when I hear from you. Please contact my office for feedback, concerns and ideas.