The Fight to Build the Trans-Mountain Pipeline

Calgary Glenmore  e

Dear Constituents:

Our fight to build the Trans-Mountain pipeline is only beginning. We will campaign like never before to win the hearts and minds of Canadians.

For generations, Alberta has been forced to sell our resources to one customer—the United States—and to sell those resources at a major discount. The Federal Court of Appeal pointed to deficiencies in the National Energy Board process that need to be addressed—deficiencies that date back to the former Conservative government.

Establishing a clear and reliable timeline to resume construction of the Trans-Mountain Pipeline is our main goal. Ottawa instructed the National Energy Board to reconsider its recommendation taking into account marine shipping and stipulated that the NEB had 22 weeks to get its work done.

Our focus is to ensure that the timeline is set in stone. We will not tolerate legal game-playing.

This expansion project is long overdue. It will provide 15,000 construction jobs, 37,000 jobs once in service and inject $15 billion into the national economy. We will keep the pressure on, making sure that Ottawa understands that for Alberta, failure is not an option.

Through my work as your MLA, it was my pleasure to meet with veterans of our Canadian Forces. Recently, I attended the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the Battle of Hong Kong at Horton Road Legion Centennial Branch 285.

Most veterans from the Battle of Hong Kong are no longer with us, there are only 11 left across the country. It was an honour to meet with one of the two veterans living in Calgary: Ralph MacLean, and from the Rescue Team, David Vidalion. As our older veterans pass on, it is important to enshrine their memories and contributions to freedom, ensuring their acts of valour do not fade in history.

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