Calgary-South East is an Amazing Constituency

Calgary South East

By the time this newsletter goes to print, the Fall Session will have already begun. Reflecting on the last few months I am struck by what an amazing constituency I represent. From fundraisers, to school events and free community libraries, this constituency sincerely cares about each other and is always willing to help in times of need.

Recently the current government increased minimum wage. While Albertans deserve the right to earn fair and equal pay, it’s important for them to recognize and respond to the reality of our economic situation.

I also believe the government needs to do everything they can to help business to grow and thrive, which in turn builds the economy and provides sustainable jobs.

Events and Congratulations

  • Auburn Bay School Pizza Party and Open House
  • Calgary John Howard Society BBQ and Picnic
  • Copperfield/Mahogany Fun Run
  • South Health Campus Fun Run
  • Copperfield/Mahogany Movie in the Park
  • Auburn Bay Residents Association Fireworks
  • Toured STARS Air Ambulance
  • Calgary Zoo ELA Self Driving Automobile Tour
  • Seton Recreation Centre naming Ceremony (Congratulations to Brookfield!)
  • Gee How Oak Tin Anniversary Dinner
  • Copperfield/Mahogany Community Cleanup

Did you know?

  • Our office presents congratulatory scrolls for anniversaries and birthdays. Birthday scrolls are available to constituents celebrating their 65+ birthday, in five-year intervals. Anniversary scrolls are available to constituents celebrating their 25+ anniversary, in five-year intervals.
  • Our office provides free notary service to constituents. Please call to book an appointment.
  • I am available to attend constituency events. Please contact my office to schedule.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

If you have any questions, concerns or are in need of assistance, please contact my office at (403) 215-8930 or [email protected].