January – MLA Rick Fraser’s Report

Calgary South East

In the month of November, I met with EMS workers at the Alberta Legislature to listen to their feedback around the pressing need for more EMS funding. At the end of November, I gave a member’s statement about EMS shortfalls in personnel and equipment. I also followed up in Question Period asking about adequate resources for EMS, which will increase the level of care and save money by reducing wait times and keeping rural ambulances closer to home.

Our Alberta Animal Protection working groups met to review suggestions on potential changes to the Animal Protection Act. I am pleased with the changes the groups have put forward and anticipate presenting them to the Minister of Agriculture shortly. We believe these important changes in legislation will make a huge difference in the lives of animals in Alberta. I want to thank Don Ferguson, who first brought his concerns to me, and got the ball rolling.

On November 15th, Bill 24 passed in the Alberta Legislature on the third reading. I asked questions in the house on behalf of concerned constituents prior to the passing, and I spoke in support of this Bill on November 8th. This bill will ensure students have the soul judgement and responsibility to tell who they want, when they want with respect to joining a GSA at their school.

I’ve heard from concerned constituents about the need for a middle school in Auburn Bay. I will keep pressing for the necessity of more schools in our communities, according to the priorities set out by each school board. Questions regarding Capital Plans for school board priorities should be directed to your school trustee.

There is also an ongoing issue of lack of funding for New Brighton, Copperfield and Prince of Peace school playgrounds. By the time this newsletter arrives at the doors of constituents, there will be a video circulating about this issue and the need for equality in funding for these three schools.

Events and congratulations:

  • Age Care Walden Christmas Market
  • Cranston Christmas Bazaar
  • Kid-Preneur event in Auburn Bay
  • Auburn Bay Christmas Market
  • Mahogany Christmas Market
  • Christ the King (Cranston) Christmas Fair
  • Field of Crosses Memorial Project Sunrise Ceremony
  • Met with new CBE Trustee Mike Bradshaw to talk about Calgary-South East priorities

If you have any questions, concerns or are in need of assistance, please contact my office at 403-215-8930 or [email protected]